NBCC Strategy


1) Encourage participation in road, mountain bike and gravel riding for recreation and sport.

2) Address under-representation of women, youth, disabled and aged through provision of safe off-road facilities and service.

3) Address competitive disadvantage that youth experience in the region.

4) Development of a network of dedicated mountain bike trails in the northern suburbs.

5) Build capacity to host training and racing for road racing and mountain biking.

6) Build sustained capacity to host State & National level road and mountain bike events.

7) Attract and retain both competitive cyclists, and social & recreational members.

8) Supporting the welfare of members and volunteers through health and mental health initiatives.

9) Ensure the sustainability of the club and events.


The Objectives will be achieved, through a range of strategies that develop facilities, enable an increases diversity of participation, and build club resilience through capacity and sustainability initiatives including:

  • Develop Facilities
  1. Continuous advocacy with stakeholders for the timely completion of existing funded projects, namely Splendid Park Criterium Track, and Joondalup Mountain Bike Park.
  2. Advocate for new trails in Neerabup National Park
  3. Increase Participation
  4. Establishment of a youth squad in preparation of the opening of facilities. Foster a team culture that supports both development pathways to the sport and all-abilities participation by celebrating achievement of personal goals and milestones.
  5. Collaboration with local school groups to encourage mountain biking and road cycling as a sport, targeting those schools that already have a cycling program.
  6. Seek funding for equipment, and pathway development to enable disadvantaged youth and other groups to access the sport, talent identification, and provide capacity for year-round training.
  7. Promotion of events held at constructed facilities to those under-represented in cycling, including women, youth, disabled and aged
  8. Explore creative event formats to attract under-represented groups, such as ‘any bike’ races, Individual Time Trials and enduro challenges.
  • Build Capacity
  1. Partner with specialist bike coaches (including mountain biking) to host skills clinics that cater for a range of abilities for juniors, new riders, and advanced riders.
  2. Ensure club rides continue to be well organised, and build capacity to support new, novice, and returning riders. Continuously reviewing opportunities and acknowledging members who organise rides on behalf of the club.
  3. Research and address opportunities to attract and retain elite riders as they develop with their grass roots club and to race in club kit.
  4. Promote health and mental wellbeing initiatives such as Act Belong Commit, and regular health checks for members.
  5. Foster the relationship with the Quinns Rocks Sports Club and member engagement
  6. Identify and collaborate with like-minded sporting groups, community groups and cycling bodies to deliver services and events that engage the broader community.
    • Sustainability

Further develop a sustainable club model to enable

    • Trail maintenance for the planned Lake Joondalup Mountain Bike Park.
    • Engage, develop and retain volunteers for ongoing events.
    • Best practice for club governance, including support and retention of volunteers.