Here at NBCC we strive to offer accessible membership. Our first membership level is SOCIAL membership. For $5 you can include your whole family. Why sign up to our social membership? You can join any of our social rides, are free to promote your own rides, and order any of our club kit – Green, Black Stealth, or Camo.

NBCC encourages everyone to have a 24/7 (third party property) insurance. If you are a SOCIAL RIDER, consider WestCycle PREMIUM membership (this includes limited personal accident insurance). Make sure that you select NBCC from the drop-down menu at the “Would you like to contribute a portion of your membership fee to a local club or affiliate group” prompt. Until WestCycle integrates with TidyHQ, also add your details to our database by clicking the Join Now button below.

If you an occasional RACER, you can join West Coast Masters racing, and pay via their website. NBCC gets no financial gain from this, but we appreciate you racing for our team. Once again, please add your details by clicking the Join Now button below.

Alternatively, if you will be AusCycle racing (road, gravel or MTB), pay via their website and make sure that you select NBCC as your club. Doing so ensures that the club also benefits from your membership.

If you enjoy our clubhouse, the Quinns Rocks Sports Club, sign up over the bar, and indicate NBCC as your club.

If you just want to associate with the club as a social member, with no insurance when racing, click the Join Now button below and pay the $5 membership fee.

** Please note, social membership does not include insurance **