Here at NBCC we strive to offer accessible membership. Our first membership level is SOCIAL membership. For $5 you can include your whole family. Why sign up to our social membership? You can join any of our social rides, are free to promote your own rides, and order any of our club kit – Green, Black Stealth, or Camo.

NBCC is affiliated with AusCycle, WestCycle, and Quinns Rocks Sports Club. If you plan to race (other than West Coast Masters Cycling Council races) join AusCycle. If you are a recreational rider you can choose between AusCycle or WestCycle. Consider which affiliation best suits your interests. It can be confusing, so get in touch if you need some help deciding.


Race All Discipline

Club Membership, Competition License, and Insurance Cover for Road/Track/BMX/MTB/CX.


Club Membership and Insurance Cover for socialising and commuting.

Club Add-On

Club Membership for those who already have a primary membership with another club.


Club Membership only, for non-riders.


This maybe for you if you don’t plan to race, but want discount entries to events like the 3 & 5 Dams or other Fondo events. We recommend the Premium over the Essential membership option.

WestCycle membership

NB: Make sure you select ‘Northern Beaches Cycling Club’ from the drop down menu option “Would you like to contribute a portion of your Membership fee to a local club or affiliate group?”

Quinns Rocks Sports Club

Quinns Rocks Sports Club is our clubhouse for all things social. Affordable drinks and eats, with access to bowls, darts, and fishing clubs. Consider membership with the Quinns Rocks Sports Club (and select NBBC as your affiliation) and then support us through having a drink and buying a meat raffle ticket on a Friday evening. If you are at the club on a Friday night, and your member number is drawn, you could win up to $1500.